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Tutorials update! February 2022

Latest Update for Those Who Came Introduces a New Tutorial System

As Early Access co-op survival game nears launch, new gameplay elements emerge


Our upcoming sci-fi game in Early Access, Those Who Came, received a major update on Friday, February 25th. In this cooperative survival game with RPG elements, players can expect a simplified tutorial system that will guide them through choosing Energies and how to use them with the Shapers.

As a Sainen, the suit you wear is your battery and the source of your abilities. Charge your suit by absorbing energy from the environment and choose among the four Energies–Firei, Ether, Airy and Jointer–the one most attuned to you. The Shapers will enable you to leverage your energy for maximum effectiveness. 

Additional game updates in this build will streamline the levels of Energies and degree of achievement, as well as address several bugs.


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