Those who Came

Those who Came in Early Access today

We are proud to announce that today, October 7th 2021, Those who Came is being launched into the Steam Store in Early Access mode.

Those who Came -made by game changers-, is challenging the existing RPG games. This video game goes beyond mixing up non combat RPG and party gameplay with a stylized feeling to it. Just what we needed to have fun with friends!

Those who Came is a combination of puzzles and environmental menaces that players must evade, requiring lateral thinking, communication and, most importantly, cooperation! 

We believe you and your people make the game! Play with your friends!

And that is our main reason to be on Early access: to listen to all your opinions and integrate amazing feedback into the Those who Came development cycle. 

We love player’s feedback and we believe in the power of the community.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via the Steam Discussions section, or to join our Discord and share your thoughts. You can also leave your ideas inside our Feedback box! We are making sure to be in constant contact with our community through Discord with dev talks and updates.

Become a game changer with us!

We expect Those who Came to be released during 2022, when we feel the game is complete and polished. We have a lot of content in our roadmap while we integrate the community feedback, receiving updates and improving the game until its final release.

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