September, 30th 2021: Our Devs playing Those who Came at Discord, join us!

The Gamescom Demo is available until September, 30th 2021 at Steam Store, and Those who Came Devs decided to play a party together and to share it by Discord server.

If you want to see and ask them while playing, or play the demo with your friends in an open session and share your impressions, join our Discord!

We will be there for you.
The session is scheduled for September, 30th 2021,  from 19:00 to 20:00 CEST.
Why this session?
Is not usual, but Those who Came have a different team spirit and want to share it.
Those who Came team likes feedback. It is a gift that the team appreciates a lot. Devs are gamers, game changers, designing and creating a different concept of video game for you!
Non-combat based RPG could be possible and with the Demo you can experience a first moment of what the gameplay is created to.
Join us and enjoy the moment!

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