See you at Gamescom!

From August 25th to 27th we will participate in Gamescom, one of the most important conventions in the video game industry. A 100% virtual meeting that will bring together players from all over the world to celebrate new titles and discover the latest releases on the market.

Just like last year, gamescom 2021 will be 100% digital and free for all fans, who will be able to participate in the event via typical streaming platforms such as Facebook Gaming Twitch and YouTube, and even social networks such as TikTok. Compared to gamescom 2020, many exciting innovations await us.

If anything, the pandemic has shown that virtual events have become the main vehicle that companies have to promote their services or products with total security, and, despite what many people might think, it seems that this commitment to online events and conferences is here to stay.

The new post-pandemic era is now more digital, modern, accessible and secure.


These events have lost some of the aspects that the presence offered, but without any doubt they represent an opportunity for Indie studios like ours, to present our new projects. That’s why Gamescom will be the perfect showcase to present our latest release: THOSE WHO CAME. A new non-violent role-playing game, where teamwork is the key to enjoy a positive experience, with the background of an action-adventure game. We believe that a video game has the power to generate positive energy in our lives and improve our social skills through interaction with the gaming community, while enjoying a fascinating experience.

It’s exciting to be a part of events like Gamescom, which give a boost to our business, which is none other than creating good stories and games that really make you have a good time.

Indie studios want to continue to be a bastion of innovation, through new mechanics and alternative ways to design and narratology in our games.

See you at Gamescom from August 25th to 27th!

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