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Those who Came is a cooperative adventure with some touch of RPG, where you will have to work as a team to survive and thrive on a hostile planet. Players must evade an astounding combination of puzzles and environmental menaces, requiring lateral thinking, communication and, most importantly, cooperation!


You are one of the last of the Sainen, a strong and resilient species, who faced near-extinction after their planet collapsed. Hoping that their species would survive this cataclysm, they fled inside the Hermaion, their mother ship, which preserved them in a cryogenic state.

After some years, Hermaion detects a suitable planet. And thus, your mission begins: heal the deadly planet of Solarus and build a new home. You will discover their inhabitants, Torek, and create a strong relationship with them. Choose your suits, mods and gear up to be able to use extraordinary energies and master the different ways to use them to accomplish your mission of healing Solarus!

Together, Sainen and Torek will bring the planet back to life, forging a strong and deep connection in the process. A win-win of a sci-fi kind!

Key Product Features for Full Release

  • 4 energies to move around Solarus: Choose your own style by using the energy with the different shapers: Airy, Ether, Fire and Jointer.
  • Explore and find the different suits to interact with the world and restore life in Solarus to turn it into your new home.
  • The more you heal, the better it gets. By caring for the planet, you will be able to face the final challenge with some advantages.
  • Play either alone or along with your friends, into a campaign with plenty of challenges to stop Bineok and his final experiment.
  • Dive into our Arcade mode, where you can face your friends in competitive PVP arenas. Harness the versatility of all 4 energies using them creatively on other players.

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