Legal notice

Read this document carefully. It is constituted as the legal notice and the conditions of use that regulate the access, browsing and use of the web of the trading Company, “ROLLDBOX GAMES, S.L.” (hereinafter, ROLLDBOX) located in the URL (hereinafter, the “Web site”).

The access, navigation and use of this website implies the express and unreserved acceptance of all the terms of this legal notice, having the same validity and effectiveness as any contract concluded in writing and signed to that effect.

It enforcement and compliance will be required for anyone who accesses, navigates or uses the website. If you disagree with the terms and conditions, do not access, browse or use the website. 


“ROLLDBOX GAMES, S.L.” (hereinafter, ROLLDBOX) is a company with it Company Number F. B-02908135, and with its registered address at Arago,180 5º2º 08011, Barcelona (Spain). Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, tome 47603, Folio 1, sheet B 556826 INSCRIPCION 1 , to communicate with ROLLDBOX, directly and effectively, you can contact the e-mail address:

When the company’s service refers to prices, it will provide clear and accurate information on the price of the product or service, indicating whether or not it includes applicable taxes and, where applicable, shipping costs.


These conditions govern the access to the contents and all the services and products offered by ROLLDBOX through its website, as well as the use by users. However, ROLLDBOX reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and content of the website, as well as the conditions required for its access and/or use.

The access to and use of the contents and services after the entry into force of its modifications or changes in the conditions assume the acceptance of the same. Without prejudice to the foregoing, access to certain contents and the use of certain services may be subject to certain particular conditions, which, as the case might be, will replace, complete and/or modify the present Conditions of use and, in the event of a contradiction, the terms of the particular conditions on the general conditions shall prevail.

Before using, booking and/or hiring such specific products or services offered bROLLDBOX, the user must carefully read the particular conditions created, if any, by ROLLDBOX. The use, booking and/or contracting of such specific products or services implies the acceptance of the particular conditions governing them in the version published by ROLLDBOX at the time of such use, reservation and/or Hiring. The access, browsing and use of the website involve and imply the acceptance by the user of this legal notice and the conditions of use that it includes.

In this sense, the user will be the person who accesses, navigates, uses or participates in the services and activities, free or onerous, developed on the website.


Access to the contents and use of the services provided by is free of charge, although any of the services and content offered by ROLLDBOX to third parties through the website may be subject to its recruitment and payment of a quantity, which will be specified in its own contracting conditions. The access to the website by minors is prohibited, unless they have the prior and express authorization of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for the acts carried out by the minors, in accordance with current regulations. In any case, it will be presumed that the access made by a minor to the Web site has been made with prior authorization and express of his/her parents, guardians or legal representatives. Access and browsing through the website does not require registration.

Access and browsing through the website does not require registration, however, in order to access the visualization, use and/or hiring of certain products and/or services may require the prior discharge of this website by means of the selection by the User, ID and password.

The password, personal and non-transferable, must be generated by the user according to the rules of robustness and complexity that are established at any time by ROLLDBOX. The password created by the user will have a limited temporal validity.

If the user selects a password that does not meet the minimum requirements according to the password policy approved, the user will be advised of this breach and the conditions that the password must meet for an Effective validity in the registry of users of ROLLDBOX.

However, the website has the necessary functionality to allow the user to change his/her password when it considers it appropriate, for example, because it suspects or confirm that the confidentiality of the password has occurred.

The password will be personal and non-transferable. The user agrees to make a diligent use of his password and keep it secret, not transmission to any third party and also to the entity ROLLDBOX itself. Consequently, users are responsible for the proper custody and confidentiality of any identifiers and/or passwords they have selected as registered users of ROLLDBOX, and undertake not to cede their use to third parties, whether temporary or allow their access to others. It is the responsibility of the user to use the website illegally by any illegitimate third party, which employs a password because of a non-diligent use or loss by the user.

By virtue of the foregoing, it is the user’s obligation to immediately notify the managers of the website of any fact that allows the misuse of identifiers and/or passwords, such as theft, loss, or unauthorized access to the same, in order to proceed to their immediate cancellation. As long as such facts are not communicated, ROLLDBOX shall be exempted from any liability arising from the misuse of identifiers or passwords by unauthorized third parties


This website is governed by Spanish laws and by national and international Law on intellectual and industrial property. In no case will it be understood that the access and navigation of the user by the website or the use, acquisition and/or contracting of products or services offered through the website, implies a renunciation, transmission, license or total or partial transfer of such Rights by ROLLDBOX. The user has a right of strictly private use, exclusively for the purpose of enjoying the service’s performance in accordance with these general conditions.

References to commercial or registered names and trademarks, logos or other distinctive signs, whether owned by ROLLDBOX or third parties, are implicit in the prohibition on their use, without the prior, express and written consent of ROLLDBOX or its rightful owners. At no time, except before, Express and in writing, the access or use of the website and/or its contents and/or services confers to the user any right on the trademarks, logos and/or distinctive signs in it including protected by law.

All intellectual and Industrial property rights are reserved for the content and/or services and, in particular, it is forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, communicate publicly, transform or distribute in any form the whole or part of the contents and/or services included in the website, for public or commercial purposes, if there is no prior authorization, expressed and written by ROLLDBOX or, where appropriate, the holder of the corresponding rights.

The entire contents of this website, whether texts, images, sound, files, trademarks, logos, combinations of colors, or any other element, its structure and design, the selection and presentation of the materials included in it , and the computer programs necessary for its operation, access and use, are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights owned by ROLLDBOX GAMES, SL or, as the case may be, by its successors, that the user of this website must respect.

In particular, but without limiting the generality of the obligation of the user expressed in the previous paragraph, reproduction, except for private use, is prohibited for the transformation, distribution, public communication, making available to the public and in general any other form of exploitation, by any procedure, of all or part of the contents of this website, as well as its design and the selection and presentation of the materials included in it. These acts of exploitation may only be carried out with the express authorization of ROLLDBOX GAMES, SL, and provided that explicit reference is made to the ownership of ROLLDBOX GAMES, SL the intellectual property rights.

It is also prohibited to decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, sublicense or transmit in any way, translate or perform derivative works of the computer programs necessary for the operation, access and use of this website and the services contained therein, as well as perform, with respect to all or part of such programs, any of the acts of exploitation referred to in the previous paragraph. The user of the website must in any case refrain from deleting, altering, circumventing or manipulating any protection devices or security systems that may be installed in it.


The user agrees to use the website in accordance with the law and the present general conditions. The user is also obliged to refrain from using the website for illicit or contrary purposes or effects to the provisions of the general conditions. By using the services, the user agrees with these general conditions, committing not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties, through the services provided by, any kind of Material which in any way contravenes the legislation in force.

In particular, and as a purely indicative and non-exhaustive, the user agrees not to capture data for advertising purposes, not to send any type of online advertising or message chains and not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties through the services provided by, information, messages, graphics, sound or image files, photographs, recordings, software and in general any kind of material, data or content that, without limitation to:

(a) engage in illicit, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order

(b) In any way contravene, disparage or threaten fundamental rights and public liberties recognized constitutionally or in international treaties and in the rest of the legal system;

(c) induce, incite or promote criminal, slanderous, defamatory or violent acts;

(d) induce, incite or promote discriminatory actions, attitudes or ideas on the basis of sex, race, religion, belief or age;

Incorporate criminal, violent or degrading messages;

(e) Incorporate criminal, violent or degrading messages;

(f) induce or incite to engage in dangerous, risky or harmful practices for health and psychic balance;

(g) are false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or untimely, in such a way that they may mislead their object or the intentions or purposes of the communicator;

(h) are protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the user having previously obtained the authorization necessary to carry out the use which he makes or intends to carry out;

(i) Violate third party business secrets;

(j) are contrary to the right to honor, personal and family intimacy or the self-image of persons;

(k) Infringe the regulations on secrecy of communications;

(l) provoked by its characteristics (such as format, extension, etc.) difficulties in the normal functioning of the services.

ROLLDBOX, reserves the right to exclude the user from the active service, without prior notice, in the event that it carries out any of the previous activities contrary to the law, and consequently, to exercise the legal actions that it deems appropriate. In any case, ROLLDBOX has no obligation to control and does not control the contents transmitted, disseminated or made available to third parties by the users, except for the assumptions in which the legislation in force requires it or when it is required by a Competent Judicial or administrative authority.


In the event that the user sends information of any kind to ROLLDBOX through the Web site, through the channels arranged for that purpose on the website itself, the user declares, guarantees and accepts that he/she has the right to do so freely, that such information does not Infringe any intellectual property, trademark, patent, trade secret, or any other right of third party, that such information is not confidential and that such information is not detrimental to any third party. The user acknowledges to assume the responsibility and will leave harmless ROLLDBOX by any communication that it provides personally or to his name, reaching such responsibility without any restriction the accuracy, legality, originality and ownership of the same.


ROLLDBOX cannot guarantee the reliability, utility or veracity of the services or information provided through the website, prepared by professionals from very different sectors. Consequently, ROLLDBOX does not guarantee or become responsible for:

(a) The continuity of the contents of the website;

(b) The absence of errors in such content or products;

(c) The absence of viruses and/or other harmful components on the website or on the server supplying it;

(d) The invulnerability of the website and/or the impregnability of the security measures adopted therein;

(e)The lack of utility or performance of the contents and products of the website;

(f) Any damages that it causes, to itself or to a third party, any person who violates the conditions, rules and instructions that ROLLDBOX establishes on the website or through the breach of the security systems of the website.

However, ROLLDBOX declares that it has taken all necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of technology, to ensure the functioning of the website and to avoid the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components to the Users.

ROLLDBOX reserves the right to interrupt access to its website, as well as the provision of any or all content provided through it at any time and without prior notice, whether for technical reasons, safety, control, maintenance, power failure or any other cause. Such interruption may be temporary or definitive, in which case such circumstance shall be communicated to the users, who may suffer the loss, where appropriate, of the information stored in the different services.

In relation to the active services or any other content for which the registration is compulsory, ROLLDBOX may extinguish the accounts and eliminate the contents and information of the users for reasons of inactivity or non-use of the same. In particular, ROLLDBOX may extinguish the accounts and delete the files if they pass more than 6 months from the inscription without accessing the aforementioned content.

ROLLDBOX will not be liable in the event of service interruptions, delays, errors, malfunction of the same and, in general, other drawbacks that have their origin in causes that escape its control, and/or due to a fraudulent or culpable performance of the user and/or the source causes force majeure.

Notwithstanding the provisions of article 1,105 of the Spanish Civil code, the concept of force majeure shall, in addition, and for the purposes of these general conditions, all events occurring outside the control of ROLLDBOX, such As: failure of third parties, operators or service companies, acts of government, lack of access to networks of third parties, acts or omissions of the public authorities, those others produced as a consequence of natural phenomena, blackouts, etc., and the attack of Hackers or third parties specialized in the security or integrity of the computer system, provided that ROLLDBOX has adopted all the existing security measures in accordance with the state of the art.

In any case, whatever its cause, ROLLDBOX will not assume any responsibility either for direct or indirect damages, consequential damage and/or loss of profits. ROLLDBOX will have the right, without any compensation to the user for these concepts, to temporarily suspend the services and contents of the website to carry out maintenance, improvement or repair operations.

ROLLDBOX is not responsible for the use that the user makes of the services and products of the website or of its passwords, as well as of any other material of the Web site, infringing the rights of intellectual or industrial property or any other Third party law. In the case of adult content, it is the responsibility of the user or its legal representatives to restrict access to minors in their care, with the mechanisms that the Internet browser itself or other third party services put to its Available.

If the user is aware of the existence of any illicit content, illegal, contrary to the laws or that could be an infringement of intellectual and/or industrial property rights, he shall immediately notify ROLLDBOX so that it may proceed to the adoption of the appropriate measures.

The user will respond to the damages of any nature that ROLLDBOX may suffer as a result of the breach of any of the obligations to which it is subject to these conditions or the particular conditions that are applicable.


8.1 Links to other Websites

If, on the website, the user could find links to other Web pages using different buttons, links, banners, etc., these would be managed by third parties. ROLLDBOX has no faculty or human or technical means to know, control or approve all the information, contents, products or services provided by other websites that can be established links from the website.

Consequently, ROLLDBOX may not assume any responsibility for any aspect related to the website to which a link can be established from the website, in particular, as a statement and not exhaustive, on its operation, access, data, Information, files, quality and reliability of its products and services, its own links and/or any of its contents, in general.

In this sense, if users have an effective knowledge of the wrongfulness of activities carried out through these third-party websites, they must immediately communicate it to ROLLDBOX for the purpose of disabling the access link to those.

The establishment of any kind of link from the website to another Web site will not imply that there is any type of relationship, collaboration or dependency between ROLLDBOX and the person in charge of the website of others.

8.2 Links on other web pages bound for the website

If any user, entity or website wishes to establish any kind of link to the website, it must comply with the following stipulations:

The link may only be directed to the homepage or home page of the website, except in the Express and written authorization of ROLLDBOX.

The link must be absolute and complete, that is, it must bring the user, by clicking, to the website’s own URL and must completely encompass the entire screen extension of the website’s home page.

In any case, unless ROLLDBOX authorizes it expressly and in writing, the website that makes the link may reproduce, either way, the website, include it as part of its website or within one of its “frames” or create a “browser” on any of the pages of the website. In the page that establishes the link cannot be declared in any way that ROLLDBOX has authorized such a link, unless ROLLDBOX has previously done it expressly and in writing.

If the entity that makes the link from it page to the website correctly want to include on its website the brand, denomination, trade name, label, logo, slogan or any other type of identification element of ROLLDBOX and/or the website, it must to have prior written authorization. ROLLDBOX does not authorize the establishment of a link to the Web site from those Web pages that contain illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene materials, information or contents, and in general, that contravene the moral, the public order or the social norms Generally accepted.

ROLLDBOX has no faculty or human and technical means to know, control or approve all the information, contents, products or services provided by other websites that have established links to the website. ROLLDBOX assumes no responsibility for any aspect related to the Web site that establishes that link to the website, in particular, as a non-exhaustive and nonstrictive, on its operation, access, data, information, files, quality and Reliability of its products and services, its own links and/or any of its contents, in general.


The Cookie Policy is determined by the provisions of the Cookie Policy document.

PRIVACY POLICY Privacy Policy is determined by the provisions of the DATA PROTECTION POLICY document


ROLLDBOX may modify the terms and conditions stipulated herein, in whole or in part, by posting any changes in the same way that this legal notice appears or through any type of communication addressed to the users. The temporary validity of this legal notice coincides, therefore, with the time of its exposure, until they are modified in full or in part, at which time the amended legal notice becomes effective. Irrespective of the provisions of the particular conditions, ROLLDBOX may terminate, suspend or interrupt, at any time without prior notice, the access to the contents of the page, without possibility by the user to demand any compensation. 


Headings to the different clauses are merely informative, and will not affect, qualify or broaden the interpretation of this legal notice. If there is a discrepancy between the provisions of this legal notice and the particular conditions of each specific service, the provisions of this shall prevail. In the event that any provision or provisions of this legal notice are deemed void (s) or inapplicable, in whole or in part, by any court, court or competent administrative body, such invalidity or inapplicability shall not affect the other provisions of the legal notice. The non-exercise or execution by ROLLDBOX of any right or provision contained in this legal notice shall not constitute a waiver of the same, except for recognition and agreement in writing on its part.


The relationships established between ROLLDBOX and the user will be governed by the provisions of the Spanish Regulations in force. ROLLDBOX and the user, by express waiving to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to it, submit any disputes and/or disputes to the knowledge of the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona (Spain)

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