DEFINITIVE EDITION ReLaunch with climate change actions integrated

Since December, 1st 2023, the DEFINITIVE EDITION of Those Who Came: Healing Solarus is available for our players!

New Features and Saving Planet Earth:

Our Creative Director shares, “We are particularly thrilled about the Definitive Edition’s release because it enriches the gameplay experience in multiple ways. Players can now engage in new healing methods, like the ‘Pulse’, offering more strategies to counter the threats in Solarus. Additionally, we’ve introduced an exciting feature at the adventure’s end – an interaction with our planet Earth! This was a long-cherished goal, and we’re delighted to finally make it a reality.

“We are immensely proud to be the first studio in Spain to partner with, integrating the crucial action of saving planet Earth into our video games. For every successful in-game action towards healing our planet, players will receive a personalized certificate from, highlighting their specific contribution among the seven possible actions we have incorporated. As avid supporters of the Playing for the Planet movement, it’s ingrained in our ethos to proactively contribute to environmental preservation. This collaboration marks a modest yet significant stride in our ongoing journey.”

“We are excited to collaborate with RolldBox Games on this innovative endeavor that blends virtual gaming with environmental awareness. Through their video games, we will introduce eco-rewards that enhance the gaming experience while simultaneously encouraging real-world positive change. We eagerly anticipate the outcomes of this outstanding partnership!”

  • Daniel Madrid, Co-Founder and CGO of

Enjoy this new version of Those Who Came:Healing Solarus!!

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