October 7th, 2021: Available with Early Access in the Steam Store!

Those who Came is made by game changers challenging all RPG games. We believe that there are a lot of game changers willing for a non-combat style, a refreshing experience. To release its full potential we need you! We love player’s feedback and we believe in the power of the community.

We are on Early access since October, 7th 2021, to listen to all the opinions and integrate the feedback into Those who Came development cycle.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in the Steam Discussions section, or join our Discord to share your thoughts, or let us know at our Feedback box! We will be in constant contact with you using our Discord with dev talks and updates.

Become a game changer with us!

We expect Those who Came to be released during 2022, when we feel the game is complete and polished. We have a lot of content in our roadmap while we integrate the community feedback, receiving updates and improving the game until its release.

All the core features of the game have been implemented. You will be able to create teams, add friends, craft, trade, compete at the Stadium, cooperate and explore the landing zone on Solarus.

Play with your friends!
You can experience the first 4 magics, in combination with a set of mods and suits, over the different missions on Solarus and inside the Stadium.

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