Are you willing to try a completely
different adventure game,
about healing and not killing?

Do you want to heal our Planet Earth too? You can do it at our DEFINITIVE EDITION and obtain an official certificate!

Those who came images

Dare to become
a Sainen

Your civilization has been forced into exodus and you just found Solarus. 

Choose your suits, mods and gear up to be able to use extraordinary energies and change the world.

Those who came images

Begin the adventure

Player versus Environment,
you can be 1,2, 3…until 4. 

Violence won’t make you win, your abilities will, that’s why lateral thinking is a must.
Change the course of the future and save Solarus.

You are not the hero, your team and story are

You are not alone.
You will need a bunch of skills and a winning strategy to master your energies and use the nature of the planet in your favour.
You never know what awaits you.

You can act on our planet Earth

Fisnish the adventure and once you have healed Solarus, you can select one of seven real actions with the Planet Earth and contribute to reduce de Climate Change.

You will get an official certificate of your direct action!

If you are known to think different,
seek refreshing experiences and believe in a positive gaming,
Those Who Came is made for you.
Take a gaming look!

“Your character is unique,
choose the energy
that empowers you the most!”



Defy the limits of gravity and discover the rest to overcome your challenges from another perspective.



Master the magical power of fire to control the three states of matter, could you imagine for what?



Feel the energy of the universe and use it where you never imagined before, would you try it?



Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms.
How will you use this power?


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A must to play with your friends if you are in search of an entertaining and joyful cooperative gameplay!
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If you are looking for a true CO-OP experience… don't look further. This game will make you use your team tactics and test your plan for an unknown approach!
Eviscerator MK2@Eviscerator MK2
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Could possibly be the next Portal!
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A good game to play with your friends when you have time to spare!
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A fun if not slightly chaotic co-op multiplayer experience.
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An experience where the cooperation between the four players is vital to solve the challenges, a step that goes beyond the, now simple, collaboration with only two characters and, moreover, in Catalan
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Those Who Came has been a refreshing video game, which goes beyond the typical line that you have to make sacrifices to win. In fact, the emotional feeling that this game caused me was that I use my energies to heal (...) All in all, it has left me with a positive energy and I look forward to seeing the surprises with which you will come out.
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Surprisingly, the importance of the game is not the aim but the coordination with the teammates and the ingenuity. If some details are polished it will be an interesting proposal for games with friends.
Chubi Chubi@ilpensatoree
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A difficult game that requires coordination that we (the playing team) did not have but that rewards you if you get along with the people you play with, good combination of platforms and ingenuity, guns are missing.

Can’t wait to play
with your teammates?

Con la participación de CREA SGR


Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura 

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